Hi Guys,

long time no see… Well, we were busy…

SIWA on Spotify

However, we were not inactive! Recently we released two of our songs from our studio album AtavachroN on Spotify (which actually took quite a while…). We are proud to let you know that one of the songs has never been released before. Literally a world premiere! You can listen to the songs directly on Spotify or just check out our media page to find a player.

All in one Playlist

Furthermore, we used Spotifys Playlist feature to create our own playlist. We not only included our two songs “The Artist” and “Equilibrium”, but also added a bunch of other artists and songs which were and are a great inspiration to our musical achievements. To make a long story short, here is the playlist 😉


So have fun listening!  We will update the playlist from time to time. Or, as we are working on new material, we will create a new one, to give you an idea what our new album might sound like.

And don’t forget to follow us on Spotify!