The great moment

Pretty much three month ago it was the first time that we held our album AtavachroN in our hands. That really was a great moment. and it is still hard to believe that we finially made it.

The new task

As we not only want to make music, but make people listen, like or even love the music we make, we need to spread the word and promote the album… which is actually turning out to be a quite challenging task. But we made it that far, we will carry on.

For today, we would like to give you an insight into our album AtavachroN.

Get to know AtavachroN

Plain facts first: AtavachroN consists of seven songs, of which six are voiced and one is instrumental. All together, the album is 73.5 (I might dare to say “awesome”) minutes long.

The music is mainly inspired by bands like Dream Theater (when Mike Portnoy was still the drummer), Haken, To-Mera, Opeth, Aghora, and many more. Especially To-Mera and Aghora were major influences when it came to vocals (even though people tend to feel reminded of Evanescence).

Better than a thousand words…

…is a sample. So lean back and enjoy.

Avatachron Album Teaser

Album in a nutshell (live footage)

SIWA – Equilibrium (full song)

SIWA – AtavachroN

Virgin’s Call – 9:17

The Artist – 6:16

Echo – 13:12

Equilibrium – 9:47

Impressionist – 10:29

Pearl Blast – 4:23

AtavachroN – 21:07